Friday, January 25, 2013

Detox : Cleanse yourself to find a newer you..........

           Its many of ours new year resolution to shed away the extra weight or to get rid to that extra fat. Also, many must have decided to abstain from alcohol  for about a week or so. A solution to achieve it is through cleansing your self thoroughly: detox. I am confronted with so many questions regarding cleanse or detox; specially during this time of year. Detoxifying yourself is a serious commitment especially when are full on with vacation and festival diet.
             Therefore, going to extreme is not the way out. Fasting or giving up food is not the solution, especially during the winter season, wherein our body needs food to keep us warm. Its good to fast or cut on your diet during spring or summer when the weather is hot.....hence , now we should start in a step-wise manner and eventually move towards the detox. So, this is a good news for all of us ; as we have to postpone our fast at least till June.
            So, you should make small, warm and gentle changes in your diet for a week. No doubt that you will notice the difference within you. You will be compelled to follow this  clean nutritional regime that brings back your body to balance in regards of sleep, digestion, work and concentration.

These are some general cleansing suggestions which everyone can follow:


1. Begin your day with warm cup of water and fresh-lime juice. This cleanses your digestive system and refreshes your liver and kidney.  It would be better if you take this before taking your morning tea or coffee.

2. For one week; your meal should consists of steamed vegetables, brown rice,  clear soups and smoothies.You add ginger and other spices to increase the flavor.

3. Drink plenty water during your day,this will help eliminate toxins from your body.

THINGS TO AVOID: Sugar, fried foods, meat, dairy and all that is packed.


1. Perform Yoga for 15-20 minutes or join a yoga class.

2. Exercise: Perform low intensity exercise as your body is a resting and cleansing mode.

Hence you are surprised that I did not ask you to starve.  But remember detox does not mean starving. If you are able to handle the above suggestions then we can move to a more complex ones.
When you are through with this gentle cleanse. Try and continue to eat balance,whole food diet. Do your regular physical activity and take a proper sound sleep. Give your body and mind the complete respect they deserve,so the need to detoxify becomes less...Good luck to you with that!!!!!!!!!

 Warning :If your are a patient( Diabetes, Heart, Kidney and all other diseases) consult your doctor before doing this.

(Inspired by Sarah B)

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