Friday, March 8, 2013

Apple Oats Smoothie!!!!!!!! very smoothy!!!!!!

     Yes sometime apples go the way as mangoes or bananas do and also I am a smoothie person.Smoothies are the best when you wish you had some extra hours to finish your work and they help you to steal time......... Smoothies give the best of taste, flavour, delight and healthy meal/breakfast or a quick nutritious evening snack. Like this Apple Oats Smoothie.

       This smoothie serves best for breakfast when you are short for time and  you need something good to fill yourself  with , which is also good for your health.It gives you the delicious meal for the best part of your morning rich in fibre and nutrients. Do try it and have a happy Breakfast and ENJOY your DAY AHEAD!!!!!!

Inspired from Nithya's Blog.

1 big apple
1 1/2 tablespoon oats porridge ( I made it in water)
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon sugar ( Sugar as per taste)
Pinch Of salt
250ml chilled water
2 Almonds to garnish

 Peel the apple and chop it into small cubes. Prepare oats porridge. Mix the apple,oats porridge and all other ingredients except almonds into blender and blend for a minute.Add water as per you desire consistency of your smoothie.Pour it into a glass, garnish with almonds and gulp it off readily.

Foot Notes: 
I have made this smoothie using water.You make with milk also. 
This Smoothie is not very sweet : the sweetness comes from the little sugar,honey and apple. If required you can add sugar.

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